With the easing of the lockdown we look forward to welcoming visitors again. In order to be able to fully comply with social distancing regulations we are currently open by appointment only.


Scar The Car by Eric Van Uytven

until May 30, 2020

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists know it: Your life is at risk when crossing the Yzerplein. The car has been the central element on Sainctellete - Yzerplein for a century, dominated by the enormous art deco Citroën building. The car dealing in the vast showrooms and the car repair work in the 1930’s purpose built garage behind is making way for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Brussels, the Kanal - Pompidou. The corner of the gallery building was once a gas station, and the darkest and longest tunnel of Brussels begins at the gallery front door. 

The project Scar The Car by Brussels artist Eric Van Uytven, the son and grandson of Brussels car mechanics, was planned to be a weekend-long happening coinciding with the opening of the exhibition by John Armleder at Kanal-Pompidou at the end of April. The Covid-19 pandemic decided otherwise.

Eric Van Uytven changed the format of the project to a different form. Eric invited people to scratch a word, symbol, phrase in the 'carrosserie' with the help of a simple tool; individually, discretely, respecting the Covid-19 social distancing regulations. Raw emotions, deep reflections and hopeful messages alternate, resulting in a car covered with collective messages, representing emotions and events experienced during our lockdown. 

You can visit and scratch the car until May 30, or you can send your message to @VANUYTVENERIC, and he'll immortalise it onto the car with the greatest respect.

Visits take place by appointment only: please write an email to scar_the_car@hotmail.com, or call/text 0498237237.


Eric Van Uytven (Brussels, 1980°), founded the Night Shop Chez Madeleine in Brussels, and organised exhibitions between 2017 and 2019. Today the project continues under the name of Garage Madeleine. Recently he exhibited at RECYLCLART, and was the author of Candy Shop at Chateau Nour in Anderlecht. The artist is soon expected in Vienna and Berlin for the continuation of the Scar The Car project.